Meet our Yoga Instructor: Arzeo


1. Who are you and what do you do? (briefly tell us about yourself)
Namaste . I am Arezo ‘Shanti Love’ Tehranirad. I am very passionate about human wellness and union of the soul, body, and mind. I am a 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT), through Cloud Nine Yoga since 2009 and a 500 hour RYT since 2010. I am trained in Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and Teaching Techniques in the Hatha Yoga Tradition. I am currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic Practitioner program at Southern California University of Health Sciences, which I will complete in December 2011.

2. How did you get into practicing/ teaching yoga?
Actively merging my body, mind, and soul has been a meditation for me since I was a child. Feeling a strong sense of connection and communication with mother nature enabled me to feel union with source from a young age. I began practicing asanas sporadically in 2005. As life went on and I obtained a Masters in Teaching and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from USC in 2007 I thought ok well I guess I’ll be teaching now. Little did I know that getting laid off as a 3rd grade teacher was going to spin me into living a life of yoga (union). I went on a trip to Iran and met and practiced yoga asana and meditation with a beautiful elder woman.  This woman radiated from head to toe without even talking. I admired the energy I felt shining through her and this ignited my search for the light that radiates within me. From that moment I knew that I wanted to facilitate this inner journey of union not only for myself but for everyone that is in search of guidance. This led me to enroll in yoga teacher trainings and embark on the journey.



3. What do you do to fulfill your spirit?
I live in gratitude. I have made it one of my life purposes to live a life of faith and union with source, to serve as a living example that magic happens when you believe. I am in constant communication with my spirit which is one with source. I do what ignites my spirit. I breathe. I do what makes me happy. I am a very passionate person who believes in following my heart. All of these things fulfill my spirit. It’s about choosing to make it a lifestyle and daily practice, to consciously honor your spirit in each moment, breath, thought, words, action.




4. Who/ what inspires you? Why?
Love inspires me. People who live from their heart space and honor their spirit. Creation. Art. Music. Connecting and communicating with source. Affirmations. Nature. Laughing. Play. Passion. Bliss. Being of Service. Why? Because these are all expressions of the divine, whether they are within us or around us. These are the things that ignite my spirit and bring me joy, which is our natural state of being.  

5. What is your favorite book of the moment? Why?
I do not have favorites because each thing is a unique expression in it self. I am currently reading A Toltec Wisdom Book: The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz. It is a guide to Self Mastery, which is where the magic begins.



6. Any quotes that you live by?
I love quotes that resonate with me. There are many. I have collected quotes since I was a kid. Here is one. What I love about quotes is that many of them speak of truths in the simplest way, which resonates deeply within.
“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?” – Buddha



7. Our motto here at LOVEJOY is: live.LOVEJOY.ous ; how you YOU live and love joyously?
I live and love joyously by embodying love and joy as my true essence. By not only intellectually understanding that love and joy are nice but by choosing to live in a state of love and joy all the time. By choosing to live in the present moment. I choose to live consciously and in awareness of each moment so that I am not held down by the past or caught up in the future. I see each now moment as a learning experience, an apportunity to learn, expand, evolve, and ascend. Conscioulsy choosing to be the observer enabling me to detangle from attachments manifested in the mind as thoughts or on the physical realm. Knowing that I am guided and protected by source allows me to surrender and trust that it is all perfect somehow. Rememberring that my breath is a tool to get through any stagnation that may present itself, to connect me to the present moment, and to source. Try it!!!!


Thanks Arezo!
* MEET ARZEO at her upcoming LoveJoy Yoga and Workshop Sessions:
MONDAY, MARCH 14 @ 7- 8:30pm – Yoga with Arezo
THURSDAY, MARCH 24 @ 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Body Detox Workshop with Arezo
MONDAY, MARCH 28  @ 7-8:30pm – Yoga with Arezo


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